Listen to our special Christmas Podcast! Will I be home for Christmas? Three things your patients should know when they are in the ER Nobody wants to be at the ER as a patient, and less during Christmas time! This podcast explores necessary preparedness… Read More >>

Cyber Attacks: Preparing for Data Breach Threats

Watch this episode: • What do I need to do, legally and ethically, if a data breach occurs to my business? • What would a Data Breach cost my business? • How could a Data Breach hurt my reputation… Read More >>

Numbers Never Lie: Assessing the Health of your Practice

Leland Faux, Attorney with Law for Doctors, and Morgan Stump, VP/Territory Manager at Wells Fargo, discuss three common mistakes private practices make when it comes to managing their finances.

Summer Travel Special: Medical Tourism in Las Vegas

Our host Leland Faux and his guest Douglas Geinzer, Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Heals,  talk about an emerging field here in Las Vegas, Medical Tourism. It is no secret that Las Vegas' hotels, restaurants and entertainment attract around 41 million visitors… Read More >>

Show me the Money! Tips on billing and collection

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HIPAA Compliance and Breach Protocol

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How Law for Doctors Started

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Learn Best Practices at your Desk. At Your Convenience. For Free.

We're happy to announce that we will be launching our podcast: The Law for Doctors Podcast in the very near future. This podcast will share some best practices from industry insiders and we'll answer questions you submit on twitter (#askleland)… Read More >>