Full Range of Services for Health Care Providers

At Law for Doctors, we’ve hand-picked a team of lawyers to help you navigate the many legal issues that are a part of being a member of the health care industry. As your legal counselors, we strive to give you the best, most straight-forward and candid advise necessary to help you make informed decisions.

Our Mission

The mission of Law for Doctors is simple: to provide legal care for health care providers.

The Health Care Industry is Unique

The health care industry is unlike many other industries. What may be a great idea in one industry, may be against the law in a health care setting. For example, cross-selling products in a retail setting is typically encouraged in the retail industry. In healthcare, though, a doctor who cross-sells services may be violating civil or criminal laws. Similarly, having ownership interests in several businesses may generally be a great idea, but in health care, ownership of businesses can violate significant laws. This is why my personal rule of thumb is that if you have an idea that makes a lot of financial sense, run that idea by a health care attorney.

Furthermore, as any health care lawyer will tell you, the laws affecting the health care industry can be very complicated and fluid. And the penalties for violating certain laws can be extremely severe. For these reasons, having an attorney who is familiar with the laws that impact the health care industry can be a huge benefit to any health care provider.

If you would like to speak with a health care attorney with Law for Doctors, please contact us today.