Litigation Overview

You probably didn’t become a doctor so you could get involved in litigation. Most businesses and individuals prefer not to litigate. They would rather spend their money elsewher. Litigation can be expensive, stressful, and challenging. When we approach a business or legal dispute, we tend to believe that reasonable people can work out issues without having to resort to lawsuits. So in that sense, we prefer to avoid litigation where possible. When that is not possible, the unfortunately reality is that litigation may be the only means available to getting a dispute resolved.

Litigation may be the only means available to getting a dispute resolved.

Our Approach to Litigation

It is difficult to predict what will happen in litigation. In fact, litigation is kind of like gambling: You might win big, you might lose big, or you might end up somewhere in the middle. In that sense, our firm is litigation averse–if it can be avoided, that is usually the least expensive and fastest path to resolution. (Read this from NY Times).

The 2 Problems with Litigation

Problem #1 is the actual dispute. This could be that someone breached a contract with you, or it could be that someone says you breached a contract or owe them money for some reason. Either way, you want some help resolving this problem. This is why you’re going to an attorney in the first place.

Problem #1 is the actual dispute. Problem #2 is that resolving that dispute is expensive. We help you solve both problems.

Problem #2 is that resolving that dispute is expensive. Many times, while you are trying to resolve that first problem, your attorney’s fees become a bigger, more immediate problem. This is a real problem. I can’t completely eliminate this problem. Instead, we work together to see if we can create a plan to work around it.

Solving the 2 Problems

To solve Problem #1, the first thing we do is make sure that a lawsuit is the right approach for you by reviewing and ruling out the alternatives. Believe it or not though, there are some advantages to litigation. We discuss these options and issues so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your case. However you elect to proceed, we will pursue that option vigorously and relentlessly with the goal of obtaining your desired solution to Problem #1.

As for Problem #2, we address this issue by providing realistic estimates and a litigation budget for the foreseeable phases of litigation. In this way, we can minimize the risks in project over-runs and even share in the risks where appropriate. We have also made the personal commitment that we will never sue a client for unpaid legal bills (this is not the case for many lawyers–in fact there is a body of law allowing attorneys to do this and we have actually defended clients in those lawsuits). These are some of the ways we try to make litigation a tool for solving problems.

If You are Considering Litigation

If you are considering litigation or have already been sued, we will provide you with a professional and personal opinion and a recommendation on how to proceed. There is no obligation to proceed. After you have elected how you would like to proceed, we will provide a free strategy meeting so we can determine the best arrangements to overcome Problem #2 so we can attack problem #1 unfettered.

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