Podcast topics

Sara Lafont Clark
– Show me the Money! Tips on billing and collection —Release: July 2014
– Cyber Attacks – Preparing for Data Breach Threats —Release: November 2014
-Home alone for Christmas?: 3 things your patients should know when they are in the ER —Release: December 2014
– Being Smart about Intellectual Property
– Numbers never lie: Assessing the health of your practice —Release: September 2014
– Who Put the “HA” in OSHA?
– ICD-10, C3PO, and R2D2: Is this the droid you’re looking for?
– Summer Travel Special I: Medical Tourism in Las Vegas —Release: August 2014
– HIPAA Compliance and Breach Protocol —Release: June 2014
– Advanced Directives and Your Patients
– Halloween Special: You’ve been sued. How scared should you be? —Release: October 2015
– Admins and Physicians: Playing Nicely in the Sandbox
– Should you say sorry? Dealing with Adverse Outcomes
– ’tis the Season of Giving Back
– Christmas Special 
– Dealing with Board Complaints
– Clinical Documentation Integrity
– Don’t get kicked by Anti-Kickback Laws
– Summer Travel Special II: Medical Service Abroad
*These are only the topics. For the specific release date of each topic check our calendar of events. Each new episode is released the second Tuesday of every month.